Have you ever visited Ashland’s Central Park or downtown during the Christmas Holiday Season? We invite you to join us and celebrate the season during Winter Wonderland of Lights five (5) week festival. Stroll through our fifty-two (52) acre park ablaze with sixty (60) magical holiday displays containing over 800,000 lights. Take your children, or grandchildren on the “Winter Wonderland Express” train ($3 per person) and top off your evening visiting with Santa in Ashland’s oldest home which is located in Central Park. There’s no charge for admission, how could there be? These memories are priceless.

Planning a bus tour or bringing a group, let us know. A festival volunteer will be your tour guide through the park and the downtown area.

For additional information contact:
The Ashland Alliance/WWOL
1730 Winchester Avenue
P. O. Box 830
Ashland , KY 41105-0830
Phone: 606-324-5111
Email to:
A project of the
Ashland Alliance and a fund
of the Ashland Alliance Foundation

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